Frozen means you can have smooth authentic Gelato straight from Italy

Frozen... fresh as the day it was


Here's the story of how soft and delicious Gelato, made to a traditional family recipe in the Italian city of Verona, will be filling British bowls this summer.

Authentic family recipe
created by the Bagnoli family

  • The Bagnoli business began in 1946 when Gelato was first produced in the café & creamery owned by Renzo Bagnoli. The artisanal traditions that lay at the heart of the business then, remain strong within the business today.
  • Sourced from Verona, a city famed for its smooth and delicious ice cream, Gelato brings an authentic taste of Italy to British bowls.
  • Using a traditional Italian recipe, this Gelato is smooth, delicious and full of flavour.

"This is absolutely delicious! From the first mouthful to the last. Full of soft creamy fruitiness in every spoonful. Go on spoil yourself."


Now that you know about the Power of Frozen
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