Frozen means use-by-dates are out-of-date

Frozen... fresh as the day they were

Delicious, buttery croissants fresh as the day they were baked

Here's the story of how frozen veg is frozen at peak freshness with a fully developed spectrum of minerals, locking in all the flavours and nutritional benefits until you cook them.

No fuss, just flavour

  • No fuss, just flavour - don't worry about seasonality, fiddly chopping, dicing, slicing or peeling.
  • Frozen at their freshest, frozen vegetables have developed a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for you to enjoy when they are cooked.
  • Frozen vegetables keep their flavours sealed in until they are cooked, so when you taste them you can be confident they really are as fresh as the day they were frozen.
  • Frozen lets you cook what you want and reuse what you don't - this means less good food is thrown away and you're doing your bit to reduce waste.

"Taste lovely and really quick way to get the veg into the kids without all the chopping and peeling too!"


Now that you know about the Power of Frozen
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Now that you know about the Power of Frozen, why not taste some of our dishes?

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