Frozen brings you juicy Atlantic prawns to Great British plates

Frozen... fresh as the day they were


Here's the story of how frozen preserves the sweetness & succulence of fully shelled jumbo king prawns from the tropical waters of Vietnam, bringing you a sensational flavour that’s just like fresh.

From the clear
waters of Vietnam

  • These frozen king prawns are responsibly sourced in ways that support the surrounding marine ecosystem.
  • There are no artificial preservatives added, because frozen is one - the delicious flavour is naturally preserved.
  • Peeled, deveined and frozen within hours, the sweetness and succulence of this luxurious addition to a wide range of dishes is just a reach for the freezer away.
  • Frozen prawns let you choose luxury at a price you can afford.

"I bought these to try a few weeks ago, they are hands down the best frozen king prawns on the high street."


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